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Whole Health SuperCharged CBDa - Product Info

The world's first non-winterized full spectrum hemp extract with CBDa stabilized in a bottle. The Patented oxygenation process naturally protects and nano-sizes all cannabinoids for fast absorption along with fast results. 

Independent Lab Reports 

Before any product is shipped to you it must pass independent lab tests after extraction, after manufacturing and after bottling. If any of these three tests fail it will not be shipped to you. We set out to help people, and our best intentions are not good enough. Quality control is imperative and we utilize our teams extensive experience with Good Manufacturing Practices to deliver consistent quality. 

View your Independent Lab Report: 

1. See label on bottom of your bottle for Lot # 

2. Click Lot # below to view or download the independent lab report on your bottle. 

Lot 1

Internal testing 1200 mg CBDa

Lot 2

Internal testing 2,000mg CBDa

Lot 3

Internal testing 1,000mg CBDa

Lot 4

Internal testing Cosaint Nectar Blends with 1,000mg CBDa

Lot 5

Final Production Testing

Lot 6

Bottled in August 2019, life expectancy 2+ years, August 2021

Lot 7

Bottled in August 2019 life expectancy 2+ years, August 2021