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Live Pain Free

A new generation of more therapeutically effective relief. WholeHealth CBDa  brings revolutionary products to your wellness toolkit.

SuperCharged CBDa offers high quality, more bioavailability, and fast results, all while delivering 200%+ more cannabinoids to the endocannibidiol receptors in our body for much more effective relief!


I lost 39 years of traveling, 39 years of vacation… This CBDa changed everything the first week. This product could make you go forward in life. Its like a miracle, but it’s all mechanical. It builds up the system.”

Robin Churchill, LIfetime Health

Having severe Parkinsons, SuperCharged CBDa allows me to rest, sleep, and walk. I have frustrating, stressful, and sleepless days and nights whenever I run out.  I can tell the difference in minutes. It's a life-changer for me."

Robert Gutierrez, Sonoma CA

A previous surgery had left me with nerve damage and severe pain where I was unable to walk for 10 years! I started applying SuperCharged CBDa topically along that nerve. It's working and relieving at least 70-80% of my chronic pain!"

Ed Jolly, Burlington VT


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